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About Us

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About us

At Invictus Adventures by Galapagos Aboard, we are more than just a travel agency – we are a dedicated team of Ecuador and Galápagos specialists who are passionate about creating extraordinary experiences. From crafting the perfect itinerary to providing assistance from the very first contact, we put our heart and soul into ensuring that your journey is nothing short of exceptional.

Attention to Every Detail

Our devotion to perfection extends to every detail of your trip. From your first contact with us to gathering your feedback after your journey, we are with you every step of the way. We believe that the memories and experiences you take home with you are the most precious souvenirs, and our mission is to ensure you carry the best travel memories with you always.

At Invictus Adventure, we don’t just offer vacations; we create unforgettable chapters in your life’s journey. Join us, and let’s embark on an adventure that will leave you with a lifetime of cherished memories.

Why Choosing Us?

Crafting Perfect Programs

We don’t just plan trips; we design journeys that ignite your senses and unveil the wonders and diversity that Ecuador has to offer. Every itinerary we create is a labor of love, meticulously tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Unparalleled Destination Expertise

Our team boasts extensive experience in Ecuador and the Galápagos. We have cultivated strong partnerships with the industry’s best providers, ensuring you get nothing but the finest. Our goal is to match you with the perfect itinerary, perfectly aligned with your preferences and expectations.

You're Not Just Another Traveler

At Invictus Adventures, we understand that you are not just a customer; you are a unique individual with distinct dreams and aspirations. We are committed to making you feel exceptional, ensuring that your journey is as unique as you are. You’re not a mere element in a reservation process; you’re at the heart of every decision we make.

Galapagos Aboard Experience

  • Local Expertise
  • Personalized Journeys
  • Enthusiastic Guides
  • Responsible Tourism and Community Engagement
  • Diverse Experiences

Galapagos Aboard offers a unique expedition where you can explore the Galápagos Islands and Ecuador with confidence, benefiting from our local expertise, enjoying personalized journeys, and engaging in responsible tourism, all while building connections with passionate guides and local communities.

Our goal is to not only provide memorable experiences but also to leave a lasting legacy of growth, prosperity, and environmental conservation. Through our collective efforts, we are not just passengers on this journey; we are stewards, protectors, and advocates for the remarkable regions we visit, ensuring they flourish for generations to come.

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