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Celebrating Achimama: Empowering Women for Sustainable Tourism

As communities worldwide begin the process of recovery after the pandemic, San Juan community is no exception. In this pivotal moment, GalapagosAboard.com, in collaboration with community advocate Pablo Manzano (Field Leader and Coordinator) Vero Rivera and Guillermina Guerra (Women Leaders), is embarking on an initiative to help the San Juan community in both social and economic aspects through sustainable tourism. The ACHIMAMA Sustainable Women’s Tourism Initiative marks the beginning of an exciting journey to empower the women of San Juan and revitalize the community in a post-pandemic world.

Nestled at 3200 meters above sea level in the heart of Ecuador, San Juan is steeped in age-old agricultural traditions. Its breathtaking setting features the majestic Chimborazo peak at 6268 meters, harmoniously blending with nature.

The ACHIMAMA women, named after the «wise woman» in the Kichwa language, embody this dedication. Their commitment to service is unwavering as they harness tourism for income to enhance their children’s lives and protect San Juan’s environment.

woman project Sustainable Projects galapagos ecuador

  • MISSION: To Prioritize leadership and service to enhance our children’s lives and our community’s well-being, while championing environmental conservation.
  • VISION: We aspire to be a force for positive change, empowering San Juan’s women through sustainable tourism as a vital income source.
  • VALUES: Respect for nature, culture, and community solidarity, fostering equitable and sustainable growth for all residents.

Activities in a Full-Day in San Juan Community:

  • Morning Milking.
  • Walk along the Yaku Ñan Trail.
  • Traditional Agricultural Practices.
  • Visit to South American Camelids.
  • Tasting of Natural Tea Infusions from our “Botanical Pharmacy”

At each stage of our itinerary, we highlight the fundamental importance of responsible and sustainable tourism, which not only promotes the economic growth of our community but also contributes directly to the well-being of our children and the care of the environment, ensuring a legacy for future generations.

A large part of the resources obtained from tourism are allocated by ACHIMAMA for the benefit of our children, acquiring school supplies, educational toys, paint, remodeling of chairs, tables, and other needs that the «El Chavo» nursery may require. Similarly, they are also allocated for the care, cleaning, and maintenance of our “Yaku Ñan” trail, thus supporting the environmental care of one of the few remaining clean water sources in the parish.


  • Immerse in Authentic Andean Culture: San Juan offers a genuine Andean cultural experience.
  • Wander Amidst Stunning Natural Beauty: Discover breathtaking natural landscapes during your visit.
  • Share in Unforgettable Daily Rural Life: Engage in the most memorable aspects of rural life.
  • Savor Fresh, Chemical-Free Delights: Enjoy farm-to-table dining with freshly harvested, chemical-free products.
  • Learn the Rich Andean Heritage: Gain insights into Andean customs and the traditions of the Puruhá culture in Chimborazo.

Your visit to San Juan not only enriches your travel experience but also plays a vital role in supporting these communities through tourism activities and visitors. We, at GalapagosAboard.com, are proud to be part of this journey, helping these communities thrive and preserve their cultural and environmental treasures.

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