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Galapagos Luxury Tour

A galapagos Luxury tour is part of the GalapagosAboard.com categories, enjoy an approach to nature with the privacy and comfort you need

Galapagos, better known around the world as «The Enchanted Islands” because of its majestic landscapes, exceptional wildlife and marine life. Best explored by a luxury Galapagos cruise or a land trip at a top lodge or hotel. You can find plenty of options and combinations to discover the magic in every corner of the islands. No doubt, Galapagos is a «once in a lifetime experience».

The islands are a destination for Galapagos adventure or Galapagos multisport, lover of nature, flora and fauna that compose it. 

Tourist couple on a Galapagos luxury tour
Tourist couple on a Galapagos luxury tour

Walkings guided, learn about the history and origin of the islands, bike rides through ecological trails to appreciate the beauty. Kayak tours among sea turtles, marine iguanas, sharks and sea lions. Snorkeling in the company of the most peculiar and interesting marine life and to spend a relaxing time. Are some of the different activities to do.

For exclusive and comfort lovers who are looking to experience all of that in a more luxurious and private way.


Visiting the Galapagos Islands in a galapagos luxury tour is a travel experience unlike any other on the planet. Its splendid crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, diversity of ecosystems and, of course, encounters with wildlife. Islands tend to be a once in a lifetime type of vacation, so enjoyful a lot of them.

Besides the natural beauty of the islands, its luxury cruise ships, hotels, and first class services make Galapagos a potential destination. In the company of qualified guides, you can be part of land trips or sea tours. Combine days of exploring nature and the wonders of islands such as Santa Cruz.

Cruise voyages also focus on relaxation after full days of exploration. Come back on board to enjoy cozy Jacuzzis, comfortable sun decks, elegant lounges, well stocked bars, fine cuisine and comfortable beds.

Dreamy days at sea aboard luxurious and comfortable boats. All luxury tours are customized and designed to suit the interests and needs of the guests.


The Galapagos is a bucket list destination that requires a lot of planning and travel. Cruises are the best way to see all that this enchanted islands has to offer. 

Experience Galapagos comfort and privacy aboard luxurious cruises lines with first class service that will make your trip a memorable experience. Enjoy all the attractions of Isabela, Santa Cruz and Fernandina island, as well as all the other beautiful islands

There are multiple selections of the most yachts, small ships and luxury catamaran with a high level of service and style. You can check out at 10 Best Galapagos Luxury Cruises for 2022-2023. True expedition cruises, with great infrastructure, spacious lodgings, high standard cuisine, a qualified crew and the best naturalist guides.

Don’t miss the opportunity to sail aboard internationally recognized yachts and enjoy a well-deserved luxury vacation!


The selection of luxury hotels in Galapagos that bring you closer to nature without sacrificing comfort, services or sustainable living. Some of the highlights of Galapagos Islands luxury hotels are their solar heated Pools and spas onsite greenhouses.

If your plan trip to Galpagos is explore the charms of the island and enjoy a luxurious and private experience. You can find a lot of luxury hotels options offering you excellent and quality services and highly trained staff. Making your stay experience a paradise. 

Galapagos Safary Camp is a galapagos luxury experience in Santa Cruz Island
Galapagos Safary Camp

As in the case of Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel, award winning of National Geographic’s ‘Unique Lodges of the World’. This nomination is due to the various services offered. From beautifully decorated suites and rooms with views of the bay and ocean. The Bar and restaurant offers a great selection of dishes with Galapagos flavours and inspired by the cuisine of Ecuador.

Day trips by yacht around the galapagos national park and various water activities, such as kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving or surfing. Watching sea lions, marine iguanas.

So don’t think twice, come and celebrate life!


The Galapagos Islands, despite having been inhabited longer than mainland Ecuador, did not develop a culinary tradition of its own. They brought the best of the continent, taking advantage of resources that were already available, such as fresh fish and seafood.

If you are a food lover, you can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes in the best Galapago’s restaurants. Dishes such as seafood rice, canchalagua ceviche, lobsters and cassava bread. Also a wide range of restaurants serving veggie options and a selection of different meats. 

Isabela Island Beach Sunset Dinner
Isabela Island Beach Sunset Dinner

If you stay in Puerto Ayora, you can eat traditional dishes and get a little more involved with the local culture. Here is a guide to the best restaurants in the central city of Galapagos. 

A galapagos luxury tour is an excellent option to get to know this nature sanctuary, we recommend an 8-day tour or a cruise to get to know as many islands as possible. Everything will make you fall in love with.

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