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Enjoy the Galapagos Islands in the Natural Paradise

You’re planning your next trip to the amazing Galapagos Island and you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry we’re here to help.

The Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean 1,000 km from the Ecuadorian coast. This incredible place is highlighted by the immense marine reserve and is known as a living museum and an exhibition of evolution. Thanks to its location, the archipelago is located between the currents of the three oceans, making it one of the places with the greatest marine wealth in the world. On the other hand, it has quite a lot of seismic movement and the volcanic activity on the islands is considerable, giving the formation of the islands as they are seen today. Everything mentioned above and the isolation of the islands has made the flora and fauna have a unique evolution.

Bartolome island  It is most famous for the iconic Galapagos view of jaw-dropping volcanic landscapes.
Bartolome island  It is most famous for the iconic Galapagos view of jaw-dropping volcanic landscapes.

How to get to The Galapagos Island

The only way to get to The Galapagos Island is by air. The flights from Quito to the islands have a duration of 2h 20min, while the flights from Guayaquil; It takes about 50 minutes to reach the destination. You will arrive at the Baltra or San Cristobal airport.

Regarding the tours of the Galapagos Islands, there are two options: land or cruise. Both cruise and land tours in the islands offer promising adventures and beautiful memories, but they also provide unique and different experiences. Galapagos cruises offer more structured itineraries that will allow you to see more of the islands, but shore vacations allow guests more flexibility with their itinerary and therefore can offer a more relaxing and independent experience.

Recommended Hotels and Cruises in The Galapagos Island

When planning your trip, you must choose between a hotel on land or a cruise and as mentioned before, each one has its unique characteristics. In the end you have to make the decision according to what you are looking for in this adventure.


On most islands there are several options. But most are in Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Island, and several ships operate in that area. So, if you are interested in doing day trips make sure you stay at a hotel near the Harbor.

For example, the Finch Bay Hotel is set in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island and where its 21 rooms and 6 suites are comfortable and offer outdoor space for its clients to enjoy nature and peace

There is also the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn right on the shore of the Pacific Ocean on Santa Cruz Island as well.

Meanwhile, the Galapagos Safari Camp is located deeper among 55 hectares of pure nature where giant tortoises roam and on the border with the Galapagos National Park.

As for San Cristobal Island, there is the Golden Bay Galapagos , which is located directly in front of the sea where you can see sea lions, blue footed boobies and other animals of the Galapagos. And the Zayapa Hotel where its customers are very pleased with the excellent service and the affordable prices.

couple in the galapagos islands
couple in the galapagos islands

There are also hotels on Isabela Island such as the Isamar Hotel which is located on the beach in Puerto Villamil. This hotel offers excellent comfort, food and communal areas to relax. Also, something more private you will find the Hotel La Casa de Marita where you can choose the view of your room, the beach, the garden or the inland of the Casa.


As for the cruises, most offer five-to-eight-day itineraries with detailed sailings and routes. In whichever you choose they give you an incredible experience. There is Galapagosaboard.com who has various yachts but for the moment we are going on the Natural Paradise Galapagos Cruise the reviews are beyond excellent. This luxury yacht is for those travelers with discerning tastes, the boat can carry up to 16 passengers, making the experience more personal.

The Natural Paradise Cruise in the Galapagos Islands
The Natural Paradise Cruise

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