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Cruises or Land Based Galapagos Tours

Unforgettable adventures start on a cruise
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Galapagos cruises are a fantastic option to experience the enchanted islands. Cruises allow you to enjoy a unique experience in the Galapagos Islands; most cruises offer complete 8-day itineraries, visiting renowned sites, as well as small islets in the archipelago.

Cruises do most of their navigation during the night, allowing the opportunity to spend more time visiting the islands and enjoying activities during the day.Each cruise has an English speaking, naturalist guide, for tours and excursions, as well as a well-trained crew who offer excellent service and will assist you with all your needs while cruising the Galapagos. Aboard the cruise, you will enjoy tasty international gastronomy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Luxury and first-class cruises include equipment for activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, dinghy rides etc., on the other hand, more budget friendly cruises will rent this equipment for a nominal fee.  Cruises have social areas to relax and enjoy the sunset with a cocktail; most of the cruises offer (before dinner) presentations about conservation, important information on Galapagos and your guide will brief you regarding the activities for the next day.

Usually, large cruises and catamarans tend to be more stable; large cruisers offer onboard spas, glass bottom boats and other entertainment while small cruises offer a more personalized and intimate service.

Visa requirements

Ecuador requires visas to a few countries in the world, to get more information, please contact us.


The legal currency in Ecuador and Galapagos is US dollars. ATMs for international cards are available in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristóbal Island) and Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island). In mainland Ecuador, withdrawing money is easier and safer at Banco del Pichincha ATMS (you can easily spot their ATMs they are bright yellow).

On board

Credit cards are accepted in most cruises (Visa / MasterCard); please check with your travel advisor.


Tips are not included in the cruise rate. Tipping amounts vary but they range between $ 15-30 per day per traveler. Some yachts will provide a tipping guide. Tips are paid in cash aboard in US dollars

Additional Fees or taxes

At the Quito or Guayaquil airports, you must purchase your Transit Control Card before check-in (US $ 20 per person). Once you arrive at the Galapagos Islands, you must pay an entrance fee to the National Park (US $ 100 per person). Both fees must be paid in cash in US Dollars.

Galapagos Packing List

Since the islands are on the Equator, the climate is pleasant throughout the year, so it is ideal to pack lightly. Upon arrival, all passengers are required to make sure they do not bring plants, animals or agricultural products

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