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Galapagos Cruises

Are you looking for a new way to travel and explore around Galapagos natural paradise? We invite you to discover the top 10 best Galapagos cruises in the Galapagos Islands! The cruises offer the opportunity to explore several islands over multiple days or even weeks, guided by a trained crew and excellent naturalist guides. Aboard...
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A galapagos Luxury tour is part of the GalapagosAboard.com categories, enjoy an approach to nature with the privacy and comfort you need Galapagos, better known around the world as «The Enchanted Islands” because of its majestic landscapes, exceptional wildlife and marine life. Best explored by a luxury Galapagos cruise or a land trip at a...
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Galapagos cruises is a live aboard experience this means that you will eat, sleep and get to know the islands via sea. As for the itineraries they’re usually super well planned in a way that you can see every corner of the Galapagos, for example you can snorkel at Kicker Rock to observe the marine...
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